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Four Legs and Fur Animal Society

Find Out How Our Organization Started

Our History

Four Legs and Fur Animal Society in Hermitage, Missouri was incorporated on February 11, 2015 by a small group of dedicated animal lovers who wanted to address the complete lack of services for companion animals in Hickory County. At that time, all veterinary services were outside the county, and there were no resources to handle lost or found animals or animals in need of new homes.

Families with limited financial resources also found it difficult to have their pets spayed and neutered, the result being more puppies and kittens looking for homes. So we stepped up and were able to secure our 501(c)(3) nonprofit status on July 24, 2015. We are currently an all-volunteer, foster-based organization with a long-term goal of building a shelter.

Since dogs and cats procreate quickly, we place most of our efforts toward spaying and neutering. Our goal is to make a serious difference in our rural county. From the time we received our nonprofit status until June 2019, we have spayed and neutered more than 575 dogs and cats.

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