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Four Legs and Fur Animal Society

Dedicate Your Time to Save a Life

Get Involved

Want to help us out at Four Legs and Fur Animal Society in Hermitage, Missouri? There are several ways you can be part of our nonprofit group. A few are listed on this page, but if you have other ideas, share them with us!


We are an all-volunteer organization, so it’s a challenge to get things done without extra hands helping. We can always use grant writers. Volunteers can help us work the aluminum can recycling project, become part of our office support staff, help with festival booths throughout the year (Ozark Market Day, Rendezvous, Harvest Festival and other events and emergencies as they arise) help us setup, run and cleanup after our annual Labor Day garage sale, and ensure our big Purses For Paws fund-raiser every January is a success. From time to time we also need volunteers to help pick up and deliver donated dog and cat food from various locations. While this list of volunteer activities is by no means all-inclusive, if you are interested in volunteering, complete a volunteer form and send it to us. We’ll help you find your niche.


As any animal organization will tell you, foster pet parents play a critical role in enabling the rescue, rehabilitation, and care an animal needs to become a valued member of a new home. We are always in need of new foster pet parents. To foster an animal, submit an application, and we’ll contact you as soon as possible. We’ll discuss your experience and foster preferences, such as:

          • Puppy or Kitten
          • Adult or Senior
  • Male or Female
  • Small, Medium, or Large
  • Special Needs Cats
  • Neonatal Kittens or Puppies 

If you don’t have any preferences and are open to fostering any dog or cat, we appreciate that as well. We’ll also discuss the length of time you’re comfortable with fostering:

      • Emergency Only
  • A Few Days to a Week
  • A Month
  • Until the Dog/Cat Is Adopted/Relocated to a Shelter

As a foster pet parent, you bring love and care to an animal that needs some time to get ready for a new home. We provide everything else the animal needs. Fostering is a negotiation between you and us, and it can be a truly rewarding experience. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us. Please consider being a foster pet parent, and help save a life!

Best Choice

Save the Universal Product Code (UPC) bar codes of your Best Choice products, and send them to us by mail at PO Box 173 Hermitage MO 65668. You may also opt to drop them at our office. We can redeem each label for $0.03, and like drops of water in a bucket, they will add up!

Can Corral

We have two aluminum can collection corrals stationed in the county. The first is right beside our office building on US Highway 54, and the second one is next to ALPS Grocery on US Highway 64. Only aluminum is allowed—please don’t leave glass 

or plastic products.

Attend Our Events